About Us

Rebekah Murphy

Founder Rebekah Murphy began her career as a Web Designer in 1998. After witnessing the mediocrity that was the majority of the web at that time, she took her fine arts degree and turned it towards improving the new medium. Combining her longtime love of computers and technology with her background in the visual arts, Rebekah created sites for a wide variety of companies.

In 2000, she started Night-Visions as a part-time project based in Jamaica Plain, MA as a way to help artists and small businesses create beautiful, affordable homes on the web.

Night-Visions went full-time in 2017 – with the same core vision – in our new home of Salem, MA.

We believe that the Useful does not have to be utilitarian or boring, and that the Beautiful need not be pointless eye-candy. Let us help you reach your goals, and create a website to be proud of.

In addition to the portfolio of work present on this site, you can view Rebekah’s complete work history at LinkedIn.