Too often, small business owner must make a difficult decision when bringing their business to the web: hire a professional but overly expensive firm, or hire a less-expensive but inexperienced and poorly trained amateur. As an alternative, some business owners take it upon themselves to build and maintain the site, either by taking the time to learn coding and graphics programs, or settling for a cookie-cutter solution that doesn’t completely suit their needs. The disadvantage to such an approach is that even if you have the skills and talent required for the task, web creation and maintenance is a full time job, and you already have one of those – running your business.

Are you a sole proprietor or the owner of a business with 10 or fewer employees? Ask us about our small business discount.

Night-Visions charges a standard rate of $150 an hour for all services. For websites with a clearly defined scope of work, a project rate may be used instead. Travel fees will apply if meetings or photography/videography shoots take place more than 25 miles from Salem, MA.

Email us at contact@night-visions.com or call us at 617-971-0902 to set up your free one hour consultation.
Not local to Boston/Salem? No problem, video or telephone meetings are available.